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Welcome to wikiPL2, an open, online and educational wiki intended to learn, develop and test Domain Specific Languages, using the Model-Driven Engineering approach.


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Noticias.png 2014-11-19 New reports published
The technical reports developed by the students of the subject Information Engineering and Applications at University of Cádiz have been published (see "trabajos 2014/2015").

More information at ivan (dot) ruiz (at) uca (dot) es.

RuizRube (admin) • 09:00 jan 2015 (UTC)

Available Resources

Xmag.png Projects

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Agt utilities.png DSLs
Directory of domain-specific languages (DSL)
Software.png Tools
MDE Tools
Blockdevice.png Technical Reports
Analysis of useful technologies for developing of DSLs

Documentation and Help

Documentinfo.png Documentation
An introduction to MDE and DSL can be found in the following link.
If you are interested in knowing more information about this wiki, please access to this page.
Os-support.png Help
Please, before starting to contribute to this wiki, read this guidelines. Also, there is a esta zona de pruebas for practising with the mediawiki language.
The last editions can be viewed in recent changes page or in new wiki articles.
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